How to Get More Surveys on Survey Junkie

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To some of us who have been on survey apps for a while, we all know the frustration of waiting and hoping to get more surveys, which sometimes doesn’t happen as much as we would want.

Survey Junkie is one of the most legit survey apps out there, but getting a good number of surveys can be difficult at times. This hugely depends on your location, as people in some locations get more surveys than others.

In this article, I’m going to share with you how to get more surveys on Survey Junkie.

The very first way of ensuring you get many surveys is by answering “yes” to many questions asked when signing up on the app. For example, you could be asked which of the below activities you take part in regularly. Some activities that can be listed are soccer, table tennis, video games, buying products online, choosing an online dating site, and many other activities. If you say “yes” to most of the activities, you are likely to get surveys related to what you’ve ticked “yes” in the future.

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You can apply this same knowledge to other questions asked during the sign-up and also to other survey apps. But also note that choosing too many activities can also mean you are cheating and may result in a future ban.

Secondly, another way to get more surveys based on Survey Junkie is to be consistent with answering the surveys given to you. After a couple of weeks or a month, you will get more surveys coming your way.

Lastly, remember to share your referral code. To be honest with you, this helps as you get to make money, and other people you refer also make money from it.

Okay, that is it on getting more surveys on Survey Junkie.

To make more money on Survey Junkie, you can turn on your email notification so that you get notified as soon as there is a new survey. The reason why this is very important is that there are a lot of people who have signed up and are waiting for the survey. If you don’t get on with the survey when it’s available, you are going to find out that all the slots have already been taken by others who have already answered the survey.

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