Oneforma Review-(Payment Rate, Requirements, Jobs + Others in 2023)

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In this article, I’m going to walk you through OneForma review so that you’ll be able to make a judgment on whether to put your efforts into it or not.

Most people are looking for a way to make a little extra cash to gather for their needs, which pushed me to write this article. I have also written about the best-paying survey sites.

What is OneForma?

OneForma is an online platform that offers a large variety of micro tasks to work from home with a flexible schedule, work remotely or onsite on clients’ premises, and then pay you after completing them.

They provide jobs such as transcription, translation, internet judging, testing, and data collection and categorization from several sources (pictures, videos, and voice recordings.)

They offer opportunities in 250 languages, and you can choose jobs that better adapt to your preferences, schedule, and skill set.

Who owns Oneforma?

This company is part of  PacteraEDGE(the Pactera EDGE family), a global digital and technology services company with its headquarters in Redmond, WA, USA. They have a massive community of collaborators in more than 200 countries and clients around the globe.

Is Oneforma safe?

Yes. It is Safe, Legit and reliable. 

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How does OneForma work? | How do I get a job with OneForma?

  • Sign up

Sign up to receive your OneForma account, which will give you access to our freelancer work opportunities, accessible from anywhere at any time.

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  • Certifications

Some projects might not need prior experience but rather a passing score on a job-specific certification exam or a minimal set of prerequisites. Other occupations need specialized education or training. Each job description includes a detailed list of requirements.

  • Search For Freelancer Jobs

Search for the project that suits you; look at project descriptions, rates, and requirements and apply.


OneForma’s primary source of income is the work you can undertake. By hitting the “Jobs” option in the dashboard menu after logging into the site, you will be able to view all of the open positions.

Next, they will present you with the available positions by category. Choose a job category, and you’ll be shown all the open positions in that field.

Click the “View More” button to continue working on a project. Please follow the steps and conditions listed there. Please click “Apply” to be considered for this position.

Your application will be processed promptly if certificates are not required for the position.

After that, you’ll get an email indicating that you’ll have to wait a few days to see whether or not your application was accepted. If your application is successful, you’ll hear back within 5-6 working days.

It is thus not a realistic expectation that you would be able to immediately begin working on the positions you are most interested in. In my perspective, this is the single flaw in their method. There is a “My Jobs” area where you may see the progress of your application.

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You can take part in the referral program and earn bonus rewards.

How do you get paid?

After completing a task, an amount corresponding to the tasks completed is reflected on the” My Jobs” page.

They process payments twice a month. They offer two payment methods that are Payoneer and Paypal. Their preferred payment method is Payoneer, but for small payments of less than$300 accumulated in a year, you can select Paypal as an alternative. 

Paypal payment service

They used to offer direct bank transfers, but they stopped in November 2020. You don’t have to reach a threshold to get paid, and this reduces the pressure to attain a certain amount.

They pay between the 15th and 25th of each month and cover all work completed satisfactorily through the 25th of the previous month. This may take a few days to process. If there is a delay, feel free to contact them via email.


Oneforma payment rate

You can earn around $20 to $50 for most of the jobs. The payment rate highly depends on the kind of job you will do. Some jobs are more paying than others. So it is upon you to decide whether it is worth it.

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How does OneForma make money?

Since it is a Crowdsourcing platform, companies tap ideas, skillsets, expertise, opinions, content, services etc., from the public through these companies.

Who can join OneForma?

OneForma is available in over 200 countries. You have to sign up and fill out the registration form. You will be asked to append your signature to a couple of contracts.

Please read it carefully before signing it. Once the contracts are completed, you will get a confirmation email. To complete your registration, click the link provided in the email. After that, you may go onto the site and begin applying for employment.

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What do other reviewers and users say?

Since the company has been there for a long time, several reviews are available. Trustpilot, they have an abysmal rating of 2.5 stars. Some of the users claim there is weak customer support and many grammatical errors in the tasks and guidelines.

Trust pilot oneform
Trustpilot reviews

Another user accused OneForma of making partial payments.

user oneforma

How do I delete my OneForma account?

 You can delete your account from the Privacy Center section of your profile. Be noted that this action is irreversible.

 Final Verdict-(Oneforma Review)

Is it Legit or a Scam?

This micro-task site is legit and pays for completing jobs. It has some drawbacks as well. Before doing any job, consider the payment rate and decide if it is worth your effort and time.

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