10 Websites to Make Money Online for Free in 2023-(Freelancing, Surveys, Professional sites +Others)

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The possibilities for earning money online nowadays are limitless.

If you are broke or looking for ways to monetize your hobbies and skills, here are 10 Websites to Make Money Online for Free.

This is an opportunity for you to start making money online.

List of 10 trustworthy online money-making sites.

You can earn money on the internet by joining either one of the online money-making sites listed below.

Starting from the bottom of the list is;

10.) Freelancer


Freelancer is the best and most common site that gives you an opportunity to make money online. It is a marketplace of skills, ideas, and talents where anyone can work on what they love. You work on tasks posted on the site by their clients. You can work on tasks as simple as data entry to very advanced tasks such as web development, mobile app development, etc.

Find out that the skill you need to monetize is actually a service that is sought for in this platform by just clicking find jobs and skimming through the services and the type of jobs that you can find. Jobs available are such as; Graphic Design Jobs, Website Jobs, Mobile App Development Jobs, Software Development Jobs, Internet Marketing Jobs  Data Entry Jobs,  SEO Jobs, Writing Jobs, Legal Jobs, Finance Jobs, Manufacturing Jobs,  Logistics Jobs, etc.

The beauty of freelancing is that it does not choose between an expert and a beginner. Anyone can join. All you have to do is click on signup and create your profile. Make sure that your profile is at 100% and start bidding on jobs.

Joining freelancer is free. Signup here.

9.) Guru

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This is another very common marketplace that has been with us for a very long time. To get started, sign up to join the website and verify your details in a single step. Describe the services you offer, showcase your portfolio and include other details that will make your profile stand out from the crowd. After that, all you have to do is;

  1. View current job listings

Browse all freelance jobs and get recommendations based on your skills with Top Match and Good Match jobs.

  1. Submit quotes

 Choose from our four Payment terms and share your understanding of the scope of work. Your completed profile will do the rest of the work in showcasing your ability to do the job

  1. Get hired

With the Employer, discuss the Quote in detail and confirm the Agreement to begin work.

Payment methods

  1. Use SafePay

Ensure your work is funded by asking the Employer to fund SafePay with a minimum balance before starting the job.

  • Opt for AutoPay

Choose AutoPay to ensure that you will receive automatic payments after completing work for your freelance jobs online.

  • Use your preferred payment withdrawal method

Choose from four secure payment options: PayPal, Payoneer, wire transfer or Direct Deposit ( U.S. only).

8.) Fiverr

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If you are looking for legit online jobs, then Fiverr should be on your list. It is one of the most trusted online money-making sites globally. Fiverr is a marketplace for pretty much anything from writing & translation,  video animation, web design, freelance writing, digital marketing, programming & tech, graphics & design, and more.

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Unlike freelancer and guru, instead of bidding on jobs placed on the platform by customers, on Fiverr, you sell your services by listing them as gigs and indicating the amount you charge for each gig. They have clearly indicated on their platforms that a gig is bought every 4 seconds and they have made over 50 million transactions.

Sign up here.

How It works

1. Create A Gig

Register for free, create a Gig and showcase your work to our worldwide audience.

2. Produce Outstanding Work

Receive notifications when you receive an order and utilize our system to communicate with consumers about specifics.

3. Obtain Compensation

Receive payment on time, every time. Payment is made to you upon completion of your purchase.

7.) Golance

It is not a common market place therefore this is the right time for you to sign up to get projects to work on.

How it works

  • Create Your Profile

Impress customers by completing exams, uploading portfolio pieces, and adding past employment experience to your goLance page.

  • Apply for Jobs

SearcBrowse our open job listings for opportunities that match your abilities and salary criteria.

  • Commence Work

If the customer believes you are qualified for the position, you may be hired and begin working.

  • Earn Money

You may be paid monthly for hourly contracts or on a per-milestone basis for fixed-price contracts.

image 3

Payment Method Options

GoLance gives you many options to withdraw your funds.

  • Ripple
  • Payoneer
  • AFEX
  • Tipalti
  • Bitstamp
  • Bitso
  • ACH / local transfer
  • Wire transfer
  • Payoneer prepaid card
  • Cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum

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6.) PeoplePerHour

image 4

What is PeoplePerHour?

This is another good site if you want to earn money online. It is a high-quality and trustworthy freelance website that you can use the site as a source of extra income if you are interested in applying your skills in one of the categories listed. Since the launch of the website, over 1.1 million jobs have been posted on the site for freelancers in more than 89 countries, earning them more than $100 million.

How Does PeoplePerHour Work?

Businesses may advertise projects and freelancers can submit bids in response, enabling businesses to choose the best freelancer for the work.

There are around 15 employment areas, including information technology, marketing, search engine optimization, translation, social media, video, writing, administration, design, and training. All job-related communication may be conducted using the PeoplePerHour instant messaging service.

When you create a strong presence on the site and customers are happy with your work, they will post reviews that will appear on your profile.

Is PeoplePerHour Legit Or Scam?

PeoplePerHour is a reputable service that has been utilized by freelancers and customers for over a decade. Payments are secured for both parties via the use of escrow.


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5.) Outsourcely

This is another site for you to get remote jobs. Thousands of startups are hiring remotely.

More than 400,000 people work from home for this organization, which was launched in 2014, and it has operations in more than 180 countries. It has more than 50,000 startups and handles over 450,000 emails every month.

Is it time for you to locate a long-term remote position? The search is over! Every day, companies on Outsourcely publish new job openings and search through user profiles to find candidates that fulfil their specific criteria for education, training, and work experience.

How does it works?

1. Create Your Profile

Make a resume and a profile that highlights your qualifications and work history.

2. Have Your Profile Discovered

Allow startups to see your profile when they do searches for candidates with your skills and expertise.

3.  Apply for Remote Jobs

Apply for open positions and get email notifications when new positions matching your skills are advertised.

4. Receive Direct Communication

After that, startups will contact you personally through private chat or email to begin the interview process.

5. Get Paid Directly

Once you’ve been recruited, startups will pay you directly via the route you and them have agreed upon. This means that you may retain all of your earnings.

4.) Upwork

What is Upwork?

Upwork is a global freelance marketplace that connects freelancers with individuals, organizations, and agencies.

At any given time, you’ll see tons of opportunities in a wide range of At any one moment, you’ll discover a plethora of chances across a variety of sectors, making it an excellent area for freelancers to swiftly locate employment.

You can land, negotiate, and land a broad range of contract types regardless of your schedule. Upwork accepts both fixed-fee and hourly assignments, as well as projects with short- and long-term deadlines.

It might be difficult for new freelancers to establish a presence on the platform. It often requires more time and effort at the start—from navigating Upwork’s approval procedure to attempting to establish a reputation on the site.

Meanwhile, experienced freelancers also have to be approved, but can add their existing portfolios and credentials, giving them a leg Meanwhile, experienced freelancers must be vetted as well, but may upload their existing portfolios and credentials to give themselves an advantage.

Both newcomers and seasoned freelancers must focus on effectively completing assignments and earning positive evaluations in order to survive on Upwork.

But it’s definitely doable for both beginners and experts to be However, it is quite possible for both novices and specialists to succeed on Upwork. There are plenty of fantastic chances available, and with enough work, you’ll be able to land more and more in no time.

How to Get Started on Upwork as a Freelancer

Create your profile (it’s free)

An eye-catching title and client-focused overview help us match you to the work you want. Include your work history, your skills, and your photo. Add more, like an introduction video, to create a profile that really stands out.

Explore ways to earn

Work and earn in different ways. Bid for jobs. Pitch your projects. Discuss your in-demand skills with our recruiters so they can find opportunities aligned with your passions and career goals. Do all three. Create a predictable pipeline and build your network.

Get paid securely

Choose how you get paid. Our fixed-price protection releases client payments at project milestones. Hourly protection bills clients every week. However you work, our service fees are the same. Spend less time chasing, and more earning.

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3.) 99designs

What is 99designs?

999designs is a platform for connecting with web and graphic designers to commission the creation of any sort of design, including logos, site designs, and drawings.

99designs is a well-known marketplace for freelancers to produce book covers, logos, flyers, and website designs, among other things. They may make money by developing graphic-related items. Therefore, if you are a professional graphic designer interested in earning money online, 99designs is the place for you.

How much is 99designs?

When it comes to the price of 99designs, there are four alternatives. The pricing of services on this freelancing marketplace range from 299 and 1299 dollars. The categories offered by 99designs are as follows:  

  • The Bronze service, which begins at $299,
  • The Silver service, which begins at $499,
  • The Gold service, which begins at $899,
  • The Platinum service begins at 1299 dollars.

Each category provides a range of services at varying pricing points, but the work is never sacrificed on quality. The primary distinction between each category is the freelance graphic designer’s degree of expertise. In the lowest-paid price group, there are freshers, intermediate, and experienced graphic designers.

2.) Appen

What is Appen?

Appen gathers and identifies photos, text, voice, audio, and video, as well as other data that is used to construct and upgrade the world’s most advanced artificial intelligence systems. Our expertise includes a worldwide community of over 1 million professional contractors fluent in more than 180 languages, as well as the industry’s most powerful AI-assisted data annotation platform.

Our superior training data instills trust in executives in technology, automotive, financial services, retail, healthcare, and government to implement world-class artificial intelligence solutions. Appen was founded in 1996 and now has clients and offices worldwide.

How does it Work?

Appen offers a variety of earning opportunities that vary in both task type and commitment levels. We support these unique opportunities with different platforms and it is required that you create an account Appen provides a range of income options that differ in terms of work type and amount of involvement.

They enable these one-of-a-kind opportunities across a variety of channels, and you must establish an account for each platform on which you want to task. Still, wondering where to register.

Getting started with Appen is easy. Follow the link to sign up.

Step 1

Select an interesting assignment from the task wall, read the instructions, and you’re ready to start.

Step 2

Now, just begin tasking! We monitor your accuracy so you may advance and take on other jobs.

Step 3

Task for as long as you’d like and come back whenever you want. You may stay on the task for as long as you like and return anytime you choose.

1. Oneforma

Oneforma is a subsidiary of Pactera EDGE, a worldwide provider of digital and technology services located in Redmond, Washington, United States of America. Our main skills are in data, intelligence, experience, and globalization, and we specialize in offering innovative solutions in the field of artificial intelligence and digital transformation. Pactera EDGE, with a global network of collaborators in over 200 countries and customers on every continent, provides human-centric solutions to challenging business issues.

OneForma is an online platform that offers a large variety of jobs to wOneForma is an online platform that connects job seekers with a diverse range of opportunities to work from home with a flexible schedule, in our worldwide offices or on-site at customers’ locations.

Translation, transcription, online judging, and testing are all examples of jobs that require gathering or classifying data from a range of sources (pictures, videos, and voice recordings, for example). Certain projects may not need prior experience; all that is required is that you achieve certain basic standards or successfully complete the job-specific certification. Other positions demand a certain set of skills and/or expertise.

Each job description includes a detailed list of prerequisites. Whether you’re looking to work on a project that requires you to submit a few images or give translations over a longer period of time, OneForma is your marketplace, where you can find projects that match your interests, skill set, and schedule. They offer opportunities in 250 languages, so you can be sure they have something for you!

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