Eagle Network App Full Review 2023 | Everything You Need to Know.

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What is the Eagle Network app all about, how does it function, and most importantly, is it legit?

By the end of this article, Insiderbreak.com is sure that you must arrive at a solid decision on if the eagle network app is legit, a scam or it is worth your time.

What Is Eagle Network App And Eagle?

Eagle Network is a new blockchain innovation for users to earn Eagle, a cryptocurrency that you can mine on your mobile phone. By playing the roles of Miner, Keeper, Witness, and Delegates. Eagle Network players will earn rewards in Eagles.

Eagle Network App : Mining Network For Next Generation 

It’s super simple – Your mining rigs are already set up and running on the cloud. As soon as you’ve set up your account, you can start to mine without a mining machine. It is free and easy. Earn with eagle network.

About Eagle Network App

1. Blockchain-Based Network

Be more intelligent than your smartphone! Allow your smartphone to produce Eagle for you while you sleep! This app enables you to earn Eagle by contributing to the Eagle Network in a straightforward manner. Contribute more and get more Eagle. To begin earning Eagle, log in every 24 hours and click the mining icon. Once you begin mining, you may increase your hourly rate significantly by recruiting trustworthy friends and relatives to join the group, among other things.

2. Easy to Use. Free for everyone

If you are not technologically skilled, have no fear, as the Eagle Network mining software is the simplest available! You will never longer be forgotten, as Eagle Network has your back. No prior understanding of Blockchain mining is necessary to obtain Eagle. By just clicking a few buttons, you may earn cryptocurrency. The software has no age restrictions and is available to everyone globally. Perhaps this is the simplest path to eagle, and welcome to a brave new world.

3. Gamification Experience 

A lot of crypto projects don’t have a real-world use case and don’t have a product that people can buy. Eagle Network is giving people a fun and easy way to get into the new world of cryptocurrency and Blockchain. We promise that all the new Eagle Network apps will be easy to use and not have a long learning curve. The Eagle Network works for you even when you’re asleep, so you can rest easy. Welcome to Blockchain.

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Eagle White Paper

Why Eagle Network

Our platform is unique and has been made to ensure convenience for crypto users. Below are some of the benefits of using Eagle Network:


In a time when there are many hackers and online fraudsters, security is key. This is why we have built our platform with concern for utmost safety. This way, we can protect our users and sustain their trust.


Aside from security, there is also the need for speed. People want to be able to perform transactions at the speed of light. We understand this need and have designed our platform to ensure speed and faster transactions. The average time of confirmation for Eagle Network transactions is 5 seconds, one of the fastest ever.


By using the Eagle Network platform, you are assured of our throughput. Our platform is designed to process 10k transactions per second.

Efficient Economic Model

Since we want to ensure sustainability, we have developed an efficient economic model. Our economic model has been designed to help as many people as possible to benefit from the cryptocurrency market.

Road Map

Phase 1

(From February. 2021)

• Project Inception

• On-Chain Concept

• Core Team Formation

• Research & Development

• Mobile Mining App Launch

• Play to Earn Mobile Games

• One Million Miners Achieved

• Wallet App & Dex Development

Phase 2

(From August. 2021)

• Transfer Testing

• KYC Compliance

• Stake Functionality

• Swap to EagleToken

• Dex Exchange Listing

• Withdrawal Functionality

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• Crypto Wallet & Dex Launch

• NFT Mobile Games Concept

• Upgradation of CoinVila.com

• Bitcoin Mining Browser Concept

Phase 3

(From October. 2021)

• CMC Listing

• Dex Liquidity Pool

• P2P Trading Option

• Cex Exchange Listing

• CEX Exchange Concept

• Blockchain Development

• NFT Mobile Games Launch

• Two Million Miners Achieved

• Bitcoin Mining Browser Launch

• EagleSwap Exchange Economy

Phase 4

(From August 2022)

• Partnerships

• Market Place

• Smart Contracts

• Project Academy

• Payment Gateway

• Project LaunchPAD

• Social Trading Engine

• CEX Exchange Launch

• Decentralized Applications

• EgonCoin Blockchain Launch

Types of Miners

  1. Miner: A person who is using the Eagle Network app on their phone to show that they are not a “robot” every day. This person has to open the app every 24 hours to keep acquiring Eagle for free, so they have to demonstrate that they are there every day.
  2. Keeper: A user who actively invites other miners to join the platform gets a bonus of 25% of their base rate for each new member they bring in as gratitude.
  3. Witness: A person who is using the Eagle Network mobile app and giving a list of miners that he or she knows and trusts as a way to help other people find them. In the end, Eagle witness will build a trust graph for the whole world.
  4. Delegate: In the Eagle Network app, “delegates” are people who do a lot of high-level mining. They also have the Eagle node software running on their computer or laptop. There will be only 210 Eagle Network Delegates who will ever be able to protect the Eagle Blockchain nodes.
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Is Eagle Network App Legit or Scam?

Eagle network user point of view.

After Exhaustive research Captaingates.com got an opinion from one of the users of the Eagle network app. This is his thoughts;

“EAGLE is a digital currency and a future investment that you should really take to consider besides it’s completely free, with no battery & data drainage.
Eagle Network is an app with a great interface that holds and grows your Eagle balance.
Plenty of people have debated whether it’s just a scam or legit but all I know is that I won’t lose a thing anyway because they all ask you to do is to enter once a day and click a button and done.
Note that the main goal is to reach a billion users and then launch their projects.”

Eagle network user

Analysis from CaptainGates.com

Having done intense research and scrutiny on this site, we found that it is similar to Pi network and Bee network since it allows users to mine currency by simply pushing a button every day to collect a coin or two.

This network has a pretty good following. However, this project is a copycat of the other two. Don’t take my word, here is the comparison;

pi miners
PI miners.
eagle network app full-review
Eagle miners.

Eagle network app Payment Proof

After conducting extensive research, despite my best efforts, I could not find proof of payment. Concerning whether you withdraw, we found contradicting statements on their website which raised another red flag.

A note from the cofounder who claims you can withdraw contradicts the statement in the FAQ which indicates that withdrawals are not available in this phase.

withdrawing claim
A note from a co-founder
FAQ disclaimer
FAQ Non-withdrawable claim

Should you invest your time or money in Eagle Network?

No. The Eagle Network seems to be another initiative taking advantage of the enthusiasm surrounding similar projects such as Pi Network and will most likely fall before reaching the stage where users may benefit from accumulated currency, according to our opinion. It may seem like a good idea to download the app and get some free coins, but there are still hazards, such as the game’s Google Play store page and its privacy policy. Giving over your time and data to a third party you don’t know is a bad decision.

It appears that Eagle Network has not yet released its tradable coin, there are a lot of red flags that need to be examined.

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