Timestope Cryptocurrency Review 2023| Everything You Need to Know  

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Have you ever heard claims of mining time and converting it to money? TimeStope is an app that claims it can do that. It sounds mind-boggling.

Well, it is referring to their cryptocurrency called TIME. Before investing your time and money in anything that claims to put money in your pocket, due diligence must be done to ascertain its legitimacy.

This article is on Timestope cryptocurrency review and it will show you the inside look at this app, and I’m sure that you will be able to decide whether it is worth using at the end of this article.

Let’s Get started!

What is TimeStope?

TimeStope is a cryptocurrency mining site that claims that your ‘time’ is not free, and you can save it by mining TIME. Their website says that it is a world of new currency systems.

TIME is a cryptocurrency used in TimeStope. The unit of TIME is τ. 1 τ is equal to 1 hour.

Who runs TimeStope?

It was founded by the Korean Community and started free mining on October 7, 2020.

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How to join TimeStope?

If you want to join the site, you must be invited by a witness.

I will talk about who a witness is later in this article.

  •      First, you’ll need to download the mobile app from Appstore or Google play store.
  •      After downloading, open the app and sign up.
  •      Choose your user ID and tap check until it is accepted.
  •      Then look for a witness, add the username and keep tapping check till it is accepted.
  •      Select your country and input your name.
  •      Submit your registration.

How does TimeStope work?

1. Mining

The primary revenue stream for this application is mining. As with other cryptocurrencies, mining TIME will allow you to earn TIME. On the other hand, their mining procedure is very distinct from that of Bitcoin and even Ethereum. To mine TIME, you do not need to spend resources the same way you would while mining Bitcoin.

All you have to do is log in every day, and the software will begin mining. It has a strong resemblance to another cryptocurrency known as Pi. Thus, each day you log into the app, the program will begin mining TIME for you. If you cannot log in for a day, mining will cease until you log in again.

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2. aTime book

This revenue stream will enable you to earn more TIME. All you have to do is view video advertisements in the same way with their Stamp Book.

3. Stamp book

A Stamp book is a way to increase your attendance points. You will be asked to watch video ads until you can collect a stamp. You need to press the “ADS” button to start watching the ad and wait for it to finish before closing it.

Before getting to the next ad, you will have to wait for a timer in the ads button to close.

4. Hourly random box

Each hour while you are logged into the app, you will have the opportunity to unlock a box containing a random quantity of TIME.

5. Referral program

Additionally, you may earn additional TIME by encouraging others to join TimeStope. To invite someone, you must share your Witness ID with them. They will then be required to enter their Witness ID throughout the registration process.

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However, what will you get in exchange for inviting others? Remember how I said before that you would earn 24 TIME each day? 60% of the amount will be applied to your account. 40% will be awarded to the witness (which is the person who invited you)

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How do you make money in TimeStope?

Timestope Cryptocurrency Review

Unfortunately, you cannot earn anything from this TimeStope than a couple of TIME.

Time has no monetary value at the moment. It is not traded at any cryptocurrency exchanges at the moment. It is still money in theory.

Is TimeStope Legit or a scam?

Finally, TimeStope is not worth your time. Your time can be more productive than TIME. This project doesn’t seem to be achieving measurable success. It is like chasing promises. 

Their whitepaper is vague and non-technical. It dwells on problems than solutions.

If you have to get rich with crypto, you must try credible spaces.

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