2 Best Survey Apps in Nigeria, Africa to Make Money

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Looking for a way to make extra bucks in your spare time?

Survey apps or websites can be the right option if you learn the ropes right.

There are not so many reliable survey apps or sites for Nigerians and Africa at large. For Nigerians, we’ve constantly faced 2 major challenges.

The first has been getting approved to take part in surveys even after we’ve signed up on the survey sites.

The second has been on how to access our earnings as most survey sites make use of PayPal as their payment method. If you’re not aware, PayPal allows Nigerians to open and receive funds through their PayPal account but doesn’t allow withdrawal to a local bank account.

But hey! I have a solution on how to get your earnings from PayPal which is available at the end of this article.

As a solution to the first problem I mentioned earlier, I have tested 2 survey apps allowing Nigerians to take part, and I’m here to share my experiences and what I’ve gathered from other users.

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Let’s know more about these survey sites.

2 Best Survey Apps in Nigeria and Africa

Mobrog is owned by a German company by the name Splendid Research GmbH, and they are known for conducting surveys worldwide and paying participants for their time.

Mobrog also accepts Nigerians into their survey programs (not all). I was surprised to see them run an advert on Google targeted at Nigerians. It carried “Earn ₦100 to ₦600 per survey”.

This shows that Nigerians are welcome to the program. This prompted me to start reading about the survey app, and I found out that they really work for Nigerians. However, they still pay with dollars, not naira, and have PayPal as the payment method. You can withdraw upon reaching the $6.25 threshold.

This is my first week using this survey, and I’m hopeful as I have also read very good reviews from other users. Give it a try.

The Panel Station
The Panel Station is another reliable survey site that pays Nigerians. TPS, as it’s called shortly, helps brands and companies know consumers’ opinions on different products. They claim to have worked with more than 3.7 partners worldwide.

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I have also seen and read several good reviews about this survey app. You should also give it a try.

You can sign up on both apps and wait for when you’ll have a survey, which you’ll be notified through your registered email address.

Other survey apps are Kensaq, Triaba, and Palmresearch. I haven’t signed up on these three, so I can’t say much about them. Another survey app I tried is Afrisight. My experience wasn’t good as I was not accepted to take part in 90% of the surveys, and as a result, couldn’t reach the minimum withdrawal amount.

Now, let’s go back to how you can access your earnings from these survey apps. At the time of writing this article, there is a way to go around and withdraw your PayPal funds by using a virtual card. You can contact me for this guide on 08104094348.

Or you can sell it to PayPal fund buyers who are available in blogging groups on Facebook or WhatsApp. I also buy PayPal funds at a good rate. You can message me on WhatsApp, at 08104094348.

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