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Is Fancy Crypto Cloud Mining Legit? (See my reasoning)

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Welcome to another review on This time we’re looking at Fancy Crypto which I’ve seen glowing reviews about.

Fancy Crypto is in the world of cloud mining. They claim to have been around for 5yrs now. But I’ve had a bad experience with cloud mining platforms and if you’re considering investing in this cloud mining platform then you should proceed a caution.

Previously I had tried Stormgains cloud mining and it all seem to me like a trap because investment plus accrued mined crypto, I wasn’t allowed to withdraw.

Not only me, but I’ve also seen bad reviews from others when it comes to cloud mining platforms. I also have to add, I’ve seen really good reviews on Fancy Crypto during my research but still, proceed with caution. You might not want to put a substantial amount just in case they disappear.

I tried to sign up on their website but I kept getting the below error since I’m experienced with crypto miners I still have a lot to say. I think people in my location are not allowed to use the platform.

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fancy crypto

What is Fancy Crypto?

Fancy Crypto is another great cloud mining platform that has proven to be the best as it has accumulated a customer base of over 365, 000 users.

One of the reasons why Fancy Crypto is the best is because they were able to eradicate the need for complex technical expertise and expensive software.

This is a thing most mining platforms haven’t been able to achieve, however, it’s necessary to question the authenticity of this platform and that’s why we are here.

Is Fancy Crypto legit?

So far it seems they are legit but be careful of the amount you pledge on this platform.

All across the web, you’ll see glowing reviews about the platform but Fancy Crypto isn’t the first platform with such glowing reviews who later disappointed us.

Features of Fancy Crypto

The following are features that make fancy crypto a great option for everyone including you.

  1. You don’t need to be connected to your mining account 24/7 to make your profit as it’s automatically programmed to run based on your subscribed package.
  2. Their packages aren’t too expensive as you can subscribe for a package as low as $10
  3. You don’t need to know much about technology or mining platforms to start using fancy crypto as its interface is so simple to understand for even beginners.

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Fancy Crypto Packages

Fancy crypto is equipped with different packages you can subscribe to make your profit. The packages include the following

  1. Free cloud mining – this is the lowest package on the platform which can be subscribed for with just $10
  2. Experienced Project- This is the next package on the platform that can be accessed with a contract fee of $100
  3. Ethereum Mining – this package can be accessed with a fee of $300
  4. Lite coin package- this is another package on the platform you can access with $800
  5. Dogecoin package – this is a higher package on the platform that can be accessed for $1500.
  6. Ethereum Classic Package – this is another Ethereum package higher than the first which can be accessed with a fee of $3000.
  7. Bitcoin mining – this is the last package on this platform that can be accessed for $5000.

Note: your earnings are calculated based on the package you choose.

How to start with Fancy Crypto

To start using fancy crypto, follow the below procedures.

  1. Visit the platform
  2. Check out the interface to read the instructions on it.
  3. Choose your package and follow the deposit procedure.
  4. Start mining your crypto.

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Withdrawal is done with any respective crypto wallets.


Due to my experience with other cloud mining platforms, I’d say this platform won’t satisfy everyone. The problem with most of these platforms is getting banned when you’re close to withdrawing.

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